Computers for Kids

Due to the rise of Omicron in Moldova, Maia Sandu's government have imposed strict rules across Moldova, including a stay-at-home policy for school children. The problem is though, this is Moldova and unlike the UK and US (for example), not every home can afford computers.  


Online Classes 

So, what happens if your family is unable to buy a laptop? Well, this simple truth is, nothing. There is no strategy beyond the obvious here and for the majority of the houses we support, children's learning simply stops. 

This means, the poorest families here are simply disadvantaged and the impact of these restrictions goes way beyond the obvious. 

Online Class

What can we do?

This is an urgent call out to Tech Companies and Manufacturers to invest in the education of the poorest children in Europe. Our target is at least 50 computers and printers that we can immediately deploy and get into the homes of families who urgently need our help. 


50 computers means more than 300 children can continue to learn online across the homes we support.  

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