Together #WeAreHope4

Pen Pals

We have an ambitious plan to get children from developed nations, writing to children in struggling nations. With more than 5,700 children becoming orphans every day, we want to mobilise an army of young people to help fight poverty and transform the lives of desperate children right across the world.   

Child smiling at school


There are more than 300,000 schools in the US and 14,000 in the UK, with many, many more across the world and we'd like each and every one of them to get involved. If you're a student, or a teach, then please, get in touch and see how your school can get involved. 


The benefits to the children in countries like Moldova is obvious. Not only will it give them hope, it will help them learn English, increasing their prospects when they grow up. 


Also, from a schools perspective, it will help children in developed nations to understand the challenges that children face in far-away countries.  

Primary school classroom