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Updated: Jan 6

Sometimes it's the smallest things that means the most, especially when you have nothing.

That's never more true than for the for many of the people living in Europe's poorest country, Moldova. We have been incredibly busy the last few weeks, providing food, wood and presents and showing those in desperate circumstances, they're not forgotten.

And so, we just wanted to share a few pictures of just some of the things you've made possible over the last couple of weeks.

The Praskovia family

This couple both work full time, the wife as a cleaner, the husband as a shepherd. Together their combined income is just £82.00 per month, with the government giving them a further £73.00 per month for their adopted son Vasili, aged 8 years.

With a total income of juts £155.00 per month, this family faced a winter of incredible uncertainty, with no prospect of buying wood, let alone sufficient food for a family of three.

But, because of your incredible generosity we were able to purchase £270.00 worth of wood, enough to last them the entire winter and now means they can cook and heat their home, instead of freezing and surviving on scraps.

Dima and Katyia

We've featured Dima and his beautiful little girl before. Katyia had recently been released from hospital having suffered pneumonia due to the extreme cold in their house. ​ We immediately leapt into action and with the incredible help of so many of you, we were able to also buy them wood and a sofa bed. ​ Katyia is being taken care of by a relative whilst we work with Dima in making his house ready for Katia's return.

Here Dima and Katyia show off their new Sofa Bed and Katyia has just opened a special gift from a beautiful little girl called Poppy in the UK. When Poppy, the daughter of Matt and Caroline, huge friends and supporters of Reach My Street/Hope4, heard about Katyia and her Daddy, she donated her pocket money and made sure Katyia had a present when she was released from Hospital.

Poppy has also decided she would like to become Katyia's pen-pal and will start to write to Katyia, helping her to learn English. This is part of a huge programme started by Hope4 to connect children from developed nations, with children from poor nations.

Poppy and Katyia will grow up to be best friends and we look forward to the days when Poppy gets to meet her new friend. To learn more about our Pen Pal programme, please follow the link below.

Vasili Praskovia (aged 8)

It's hard for us not to cry each time we hear Vasili express his gratitude for receiving something he's not used to getting; a present. Such is his excitement, Vasili couldn't wait to run inside and see what he'd received.

Thanks to you and the incredible organisations that support us, such as The Round Table of Germany, and the Rotary Club of Moldova, we have been able to give children like Vasili something to look forward to.

To join the growing army of ordinary people, doing extraordinary things, please click the link below.

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