Transforming Lives Already

It's been just 12 weeks since Chris and Zoe stepped off the plan to start their new life in Moldova, Europe's poorest country and little did they realise the massive impact they'd have on desperate communities across the country.

In just 12 weeks, Chris and Zoe are already helping to support more than 350 orphans and street kids, as well as providing direct support to an orphanage in Vadul Lui Vorda, which houses 25 children.

The hard reality is, many of the children in institutional care, are there because their parents are poor which has to be one of the worst reasons to be an orphan. This is something Reach My Street plans to change, protecting the right of a family to stay together by providing the essential items.

It really doesn't take much to transform a life, not in Europe's poorest country at least and we are looking for people and businesses who will stand with us and help make a difference.

Whilst immediate aid is essential in order to alleviate the devastating effects of poverty, long term strategies are what is required, with ambitious plans already in place to teach a nation to fish.

We all know the saying, "If you give a man a fish, he'll feed his family for a day, but if you teach him to fish, he'll feed his family forever!". Well, that exactly what we want to do and help change a nation, creating a culture of hope and optimism.

This is not a solo endeavour and we can't do it alone and need the support of everyone if we are to effect real change. Please get in touch at to discuss how you, your school, church or business can get involved.

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