Reach My Street UK

Community Outreach

Reach My Street is a part of The Potters Hand Charity which provides critical support to vulnerable families across our communities.

We support families and individuals across Hampshire and rely on the incredible generosity of people across our community and beyond to help make a difference to peoples lives. 

In these uncertain times people are afraid and simply don't know how they are going to survive from day to day and we stand in the gap, giving hope to people stuck in a cycle of fear and desperation.

The following is just some of the service we provide. 

  • Nutritional meals

  • Foodbank

  • Fareshare

  • Money Advice

  • Elderly Clubs

Despite making a huge difference in peoples lives already, we want to do more and have a plan to reach 1,000 families with life-saving help and support 


We can only continue doing what we do, by the love and generosity of complete strangers. If you'd like to sponsor a meal, and make a sure a family has nutritious food this week, please get in touch. 


It doesn't matter how much you donate, every penny is spent buying food and making a huge difference. 

Covid -19 means there are even more people in need of our help and together, we can help eliminate the devastating effects of poverty and hunger across our region. 

For more information on how you can help, please get in touch.