Rescuing children in desperate need

More than 7,000 children have been placed in state-run institutions in Europe's poorest country, Moldova, and only 2% are orphans. While the horror stories of the orphanages of 1990s Romania were widely publicised, the conditions facing children in neighbouring Moldova are not well known. Widespread poverty and a lack of basic social services are blamed for a situation which aid groups argue violates a child's right to a family, as enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child


In the capital, Chisinau, the institutions are surprisingly well maintained. From the outside, the one I was able to visit looked like a school, with plants and a play area, while inside there were pictures on the walls and toys on display. Yet the first thing you notice is how quiet it is: dozens of young children live in the institution, but you do not hear any noise. The toys are not being played with; instead children are lying in cots. In one room is a group of about a dozen toddlers.

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Our Sponsorship Programme

When you kindly sponsor a child, you will have a friend for life. They will write to you, send pictures to you, tell you all about themselves and learn all about you too. You will even have the opportunity to meet them and see where they live and how your gift is making a huge difference to their lives.


To sponsor a child, all we ask is for you to pledge £30/$30 per month


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How Your Donation is Spent





When someone agrees to change the life of one of the children in our care, we take that commitment very seriously and as such, it is important to us that you know how the money you donate is spent. 

Unlike most charities, 100% of your donation goes directly to caring for the child you have kindly sponsored and as a guide, we have outlined where and how your money is spent.

When sponsoring a child, every penny of your donation goes to the house parent who is responsible for that child and not on fundraising or other non-related activities.