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There are naturally many costs associated with running a home of up to 16 children, and whilst individual child sponsorship helps, it's a drop in the ocean compared to the everyday running costs of one of our houses. The following tries to estimate some of those costs and give those interested in becoming super-sponsors an idea of what is required. Whilst Moldova and Romania are amongst Europe's poorest countries, living costs are as expensive as anywhere, which is why we encourage families to farm the large plots of land we provide them, with many keeping chickens and geese. Whilst this helps, it only covers part of the huge monthly food bills involved in feeding a typical family of 10. 

Mother and Child
Children and Teacher in Kindergarten

In addition there are the heating and utility costs, with temperatures in Eastern Europe plummeting to as low as -30 degrees centigrade. This results in huge energy bills during the long winters months, with the ground yielding very little to sustain so many hungry children. In addition there are other bills, such as petrol, insurance, vehicles and clothes, all essential in order to provide each child with a sense of normalcy, against a tragic backdrop of poverty and neglect. Whilst monthly costs can vary greatly, we estimate the average family requiring £1,500 per month to survive. Whilst we don't expect any single individual to meet this cost, we would hope that a super-sponsor can contribute at least part and recommend at least £250/$250 per month. We appreciate for most this will be too much, which is why we offer child sponsorship as well, with every single penny you donate, making a huge difference to a child's life and for that, you not only have our gratitude, but the thanks of hundreds of desperate children.   


There are huge benefits of becoming a super-sponsor, such as monthly updates on how the family you're supporting is getting on. This can include Zoom calls, which the children love, as well as hand-written letters which help the children learn English. Best of all, you get to join us in one of our summer camps, where you'll interact with the children, play games, make camp fires, swim in the lake and see first hand how your kindness is making a difference to their lives.    

Family Feeding Pigs
How Your Donation is Spent









When someone agrees to change the life of one of the children in our care, we take that commitment very seriously and as such, it is important to us that you know how the money you donate is spent. 

Unlike most charities, 100% of your donation goes directly to caring for the children you have kindly sponsored and as a guide, we have outlined where and how your money is spent.

When sponsoring a home, every penny of your donation goes to the house parent who is responsible for the children in their care and not on fundraising or other non-related activities.  

People considering sponsorship

If you're considering partnering with us, we'd like to speak to you personally and discuss how your support will make a huge difference and invite you to get in touch with me directly.. 

Chris Lomas - Chief Executive Officer