Every child has a right to life, a right to laugh and a right to play and it is our responsibility to allow them to do that without fear or prejudice. We have long been aware of the plight of orphans across some of the poorest regions in the world, but it was only when reading about the a specific case in Romania that we were moved into action. At the beginning of the first UK national lockdown, in March 2020, founders Chris and Zoe Lomas read of a case in one village (alone) near the City of Iasi, where 72 expectant mothers checked into a maternity hospital, gave birth, then left without their babies, sentencing their children to a life of institutional care. 

It was after learning this news, that Reach My Street immediately changed its focus, turning its attention to the plight of orphans and victims of child trafficking, in two of the poorest countries in (the continent of) Europe. Relocating to Moldova's Capital Chisinau, Chris and Zoe will help build 50 new children's homes, looking after many hundreds of desperate children, providing them with a safe and loving environment in which to grow up, despite their tragic beginnings. They will help provide orphans and victims of child trafficking with a place they can, in some instances, laugh and play for the first time.           

Children Playing Outdoor

Our mission is to help build 50 new children's homes, in addition to the 50 that already exist, in which, on average, 6 to 10 orphans, neglected children and victims of trafficking will grow up under the loving care of 'house-parents' who have been carefully selected and trained to look after vulnerable children. 

We will help train and support those families to engender an environment of hope and trust in which children can grow and thrive both physically and emotionally. We will help equip our house-parents to be entrepreneurial and reduce their reliance on external aid. 

With the help and support of professional bodies, we will educate house-parents to spot trauma and provide the necessary tools and resources to care for children who have been the victims of emotional and physical abuse. 

We will support house-parents to make a life-long commitment to the children in their care and where possible, successfully reunite them with their biological parents where it is safe and appropriate to do so. 

And, we will take an active role in preparing each and every child to take a positive and exciting role in society, preparing and equipping them for a life into adulthood. 

Our vision is to help build a thriving community of families that provide the best possible future for each child within our care, helping them overcome physical and emotional challenges as they learn to become a valuable part of the family and community in which they live.


We will achieve these goals in a number of ways, including..


  • Build a school that supplements the needs of individual children outside the normal school setting. 

  • Educate older children who graduate from secondary school and equip them with additional skills which will prepare them for work and life.

  • Build a community resource to support house-parents and families to develop a culture of optimism.

  • Build a business centre that identifies and supports a spirit of entrepreneurism across all of the families.

  • Establish a business academy that helps launch and support local enterprise, providing world-class business-mentoring to house-parents and young adults alike. 

  • Provide Corporate Sponsors with a state of the art facility to use and allow them to visit and see first hand how their support is making a difference. 

  • Offer summer camps in which house and child sponsors can visit and meet the families and children that they are supporting.       

Psychologist for Children
Volunteers Packing Food

Our most ambitious plan to date, we are committed to eradicating poverty related hunger in the entire country of Moldova.


There are an alarming number of children in care, simply because their parents are poor, a reality that wouldn't exist in developed countries, such as Germany, France or the UK. 


Working with local community leaders, we plan to target every single family desperate for food, fuel and clothing and with a population of just 3,000,000, this is in no way unrealistic. 

We have proven already, that even with a little, we can make a huge difference and have seen first hand how acts of radical kindness can help transform lives. 


To make this ambition a reality, we simply need the the support of individuals, businesses, institutions and governments alike.


Never has there been a more simple way to radically impact an entire nation. All we need is money, food and transport; we already have the passion and the people.     

Bridge to Life

We are overwhelmed to be supporting the incredible work of Bridge to Life, a German based foundation that works to transform the lives of children in some of the poorest countries in Europe. 

The Foundation has already established and successfully implemented projects in Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Transnistria, Ukraine, Belarus and Armenia. Through its work, many people have already been given new hope. 

We work closely with the Bridge to Life team in Moldova to provide practical support to the more than 50 families across Moldova, with another 10 houses planned before the end of 2021. 

It's in these incredible houses we offer the opportunity to sponsor families and children, where the average monthly salary is just 4,000 MDL (£160) per month. 

This simply isn't enough to sustain them, particularly through the long, harsh winters, where temperatures routinely get to as low as -30 degrees C.

In partnership with Bridge for Life, we provide an holistic and transparent way in which to support these families and the children in their care.





We love to work with likeminded organisations who share our values and love this powerful movie clip by Rogue Films, talking about the incredible work by Right to Play. 


Children have a right to be children and our values are aligned with anyone who believes just that. What we do know, is we can't achieve our goals without the extraordinary help of extraordinary people, businesses and organisations and want to talk to anyone who wants to get involved and support our work.  

For more information or to discuss how you can get involved, please reach out to us below.